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Healthy eating resolution, are you keeping yours? Meal planning can help!

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February is here, slipping in quietly without much fanfare and the first month of 2013 is now over, can you believe it!?!

As I write this, I ask myself if I have stayed true to my resolutions so far this year. Some yes, some no. Every month presents itself with an opportunity to be more organized than the last.

Becoming a professional organizer has really opened my eyes to how much organization plays a vital role in the seamless functioning of our everyday lives. It’s not just closets that need organizing! Every aspect of our lives can benefit from being organized.

If you have made a resolution to eat healthier and lose weight, one of the best ways to keep those resolutions is to plan your meals. Not only does this save time during the week as you gaze into the refrigerator for the thousandth time and try to come up with something to eat but it saves you money!!! I can’t think of a better reason than that.

I remember reading an article once that explained how throwing away food is like taking a bill and throwing it into the trash. Seems crazy doesn’t it! But that’s what so many of us do. We don’t plan our meals and more often than not half the stuff gets tossed out in the garbage.

Here are a few meal planning suggestions to help you stay organized and moving towards your goals.

1) Figure out what you have in the house

Every Sunday take stock of what food you have in the house, while you are doing this, toss out food that has gone bad or is expired.

2) Come up with a weekly list

Once you know what food you have in the house, come up with a list of meals for breakfast, lunch, dinner and healthy snacks for the week ahead. There are a number of ways you can do this. If you are particularly food savvy you can probably do most of this on the top of your head but for the rest of us, try to stick to the Canada’s Food guide and search through recipes that you have in your home or online.

There are a number of sites that make it easy for you to plan weekly meals such as:

The 20 minute supper club Canada

Kraft Canada

Food on the table

Menu Planner

2013 Meal Planning Software

3) Go shopping

When you are at the grocery store try not to buy anything that is not on your list and be sure to check grocery store flyers for deals before you head out. Another organizing tip, store re-usable grocery bags in your car so that you won’t be stuck getting plastic bags at the checkout.

4) Be proactive and plan for the future

If you have some spare time, spend a few hours generating recipes that you or your family love so that the meal planning process becomes quicker every week.

It seems like a lot of work but it will pay off when you have less time, are more tired and apt to pick up something from McDonald’s instead of sticking to your meal plan. Out goes the healthy eating resolution, out goes more money and inevitably all the guilt will make you more stressed.

If meal planning seems like too much, there is ALWAYS the option of hiring a wonderful individual like myself who will come in and do the work for you! Feel free to drop me a line if you are in need of some planning assistance.

Happy organizing!



Author: lauramariewatts

Along with my wonderful husband and two daughters, I am figuring out this thing called life a little bit each day. Every day is precious and I try not to waste it!

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