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Apptacular apps for getting organized – Round one

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One of the best things about getting organized is time. More time to live, love, laugh and all the other important things in life.

What a better way to save future hours, minutes and seconds then to use all the great technology at your disposal. Yes, I know what you are all thinking, it does require a bit of time to set these apps up but as with any organizing project if you maintain it and are consistent the organizing will give back again and again.

Alas, without further ado, in no specific order, here is a list of the most apptacular apps I have come across for home organizing.

Chick texting

Evernote – This apps slogan is, “Remember everything.” It syncs all your devices, lets you share notes with friends and colleagues, helps plan your next trip keeping all trip documents in one place, reduces paper clutter, takes pictures etc. They also have a variety of other apps that are equally fantastic!

My things, where are they? – The name gives it away but this app lets you list where everything is at home, work, storage etc. for easy retrieval. Of course if you move it, be sure to update the app. On a serious note, this is also important for insurance and safety reasons. Having a detailed list of items is always good in case of theft, fire and other emergencies.

Bill organizer -Once again, pretty self-explanatory but amazingly useful, plus imputing the data into the app is just an extra reminder. Even if you have internet banking this app can be helpful.

Topanga – This app allows you to keep track of everything you buy. It is great for large purchases because you can keep warranties, manuals and receipts together.

iPassword Manager – Everyone has million different passwords to remember so the great thing about this app is that it allows you to save every password you have to one main password that you can easily remember.

Neat listA great to-do list that lets you email tasks and also links to Dropbox, which is an amazing feature. Creating to-do lists is often all you need to motivate yourself to complete a project. Completing a task can even become, dare I say, addictive.

Motivated moms – This app gives you daily to-do’s and chore lists for busy moms. You can also add new to-dos. As if there isn’t a mom out there who couldn’t benefit from this app.

Carrot-The To-Do list with a personality – This is truly an app that makes organizing fun. If you have a sense of humour and can appreciate the app saying things like, “Hello lazy human,” then this apps for you.

Digit universal remote control– Okay so this isn’t organizing per say but I know I would save time every day if I didn’t have to search for the remote. However, lose your cell phone too and then you’re in trouble.

Happy organizing!



Author: lauramariewatts

Along with my wonderful husband and two daughters, I am figuring out this thing called life a little bit each day. Every day is precious and I try not to waste it!

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