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Is your horoscope making you unorganized?

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Have you ever thought you were destined to be unorganized? Do you find yourself constantly in a cluttered state? I have noticed through my dealings with clients that  certain horoscopes tend to stand out when it comes to getting and staying organized so I thought I would do a little bit of research on the topic. Now, I am no expert on Astrology so I contacted Joan Ann Evelyn from AstroConsultation. Joan Ann has more than twenty five years of interest and seven years of scholarship in the profession. You can read more about her here.

As it turns out, many signs have organizational challenges but some tend to fare better than others. Here is my Q&A with Joan Ann.

Q: Please tell me a little bit yourself and how you got into astrology?

A: I have been interested in Astrology since I was a teenager.  Many years ago I was going through a rough patch.  I was depressed for no valid reason.  Everything was going well in my life.  I read the horoscope Column in the Toronto Star and it said “Usually sunny Leo’s are feeling the blues as the planet Saturn moves into their sign”.  Instead of going to the doctor for antidepressants, I started studying Astrology.  Once I took an early retirement from my job at General Motors.  I studied the subject on a full time basis.  When I felt I had enough knowledge, I started my Astrology Business.

Q: What would you say is the most organized sign?

A: Capricorn is the most organized sun sign, especially in business.  Self-disciplined, responsible and practical, they have excellent reasoning power.  They often aspire to a position of leadership and will work hard to achieve their goals.

Q: What is the least organized sign?

A: Pisces, Virgos opposite sign, has a compassionate nature, but at times tends to live in a dream world.  Interested in music and the creative arts, they can be disorganized around the house.

Q: What sign has the most trouble staying focused?

A: Gemini’s can lose focus (or interest) quickly, since they are easily distracted.  They often move from one person to another or one event to another.  Naturally restless, they need to cultivate perseverance.

Q: What sign tends to shop the most?

A: Leos are the shopalcholics of the Zodiac.  Leo enjoys the good life, they like the best of everything, especially clothes and jewellery.  They enjoy looking spectacular.  Ruled by the Sun, Leo is most comfortable being the center of the Universe.

Q: Is there a sign that is more sentimental and would have a harder time letting go of things? 

A:  Sentimental and profound, Scorpio has a hard time letting go of things.  They remember everyone who has ever done them a wrong.  Sensitive by nature, they relate to the past as if it were yesterday, and have a difficult time letting things go.

Q: Can you be both organized and unorganized if you are a specific sign?

A:  Virgo tends to be either very organized or very sloppy.  Service and work oriented, they pay a lot of attention to detail, especially on the job,  This leaves them little time to get organized at home.

Q: Which sign tends to use time well?

A:  The earth signs (Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn) use time the best.  Practical and dependable, their natural inclination is to set goals and move towards them.

Q: Which sign uses time the worst?

A: The air sign Gemini can be easily distracted, but so can the two fire signs Sagittarius and Aries.  Aries does not always finish whatever it starts, before it moves on to do something else.  Sagittarius can be restless and extravagant.  These signs generally do not use time well.

Q: If your sign is unorganized is it possible for you to change?

A: A disorganized sign can certainly change.  Once they recognize this as a weakness, they can make up their mind to overcome it.

Q: Anything to add?

A: Aquarius is individualistic and freedom loving.  This sun sign has the ability to organize, especially for humanitarian causes. Libra, ruled by Venus, loves to decorate and has the ability to create a beautiful home. Cancer, a water sign, is the nurturer of the Zodiac.  They are highly organized in the kitchen and make excellent chefs.  The home is their domain.

Disclaimer: The answers given are based on sun signs only and not on the horocsope of a specific person which is based on the person’ day, month, year, time and place of birth.

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Why technology doesn’t always save you time

William Penn once said, “Time is what we want the most but we use the worst.”

So how you do get more time? Well, the short answer is you can’t. There are only so many hours in the day but what you can do is use your time more wisely and productively. As my Dad always says, “Don’t work harder, work smarter!”

Now, I will be the first to admit there are some great uses of technology to save time. My iPhone, for example, is great as a small business owner because I can get back to potential clients quickly and easily without having to lug a laptop around with me. There are also a host of great apps that can help keep us organized.

However, here are a few technology time wasters that could be draining your time quicker than you can say, “How is it midnight already?”

#1 The social media suck

So you think to yourself, oh i’m just going to check my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest  feed quickly and by the time you have gone through, replied to some messages and made a few posts two hours has flown by in a flash. The allure of social media is even stronger if you have a smartphone where messages can be sent and answered instantaneously. Be wary of spending too much time and be sure to block out specific times in your daily calendar for social media use.

#2 Sending ten emails or text messages instead of making a phone call

I know I have been guilty of this as well but picking up the phone is sometimes the quickest option to get the answers you need. We have become so used to texting and typing that we don’t consider doing this. I do think that both have their place but with longer or more complex conversations it might be best to go old school in order to save time not to mention your wrists. As an added benefit, speaking to someone on the phone gives you a chance to connect with someone in a way that smiley faces and emoticons simply can’t compare to. Ever been texting someone and wondering, “Hmm, was that a sarcastic comment or not?”

#3 GPS Systems

I think GPS’s are a great invention but I often think the route they choose is not always the fastest option. I have gone down enough gravel roads when there is a paved road nearby to know this to be true. Look at a map ahead of time, even if it’s on your phone or iPad, and know where you are going before you leave the house. You could even save yourself a accident in the process. Distracted driving is on the rise so why don’t we spent the fifteen minutes before we leave looking at a map, instead of looking at our Facebook page instead.

#5 Wearing a watch instead of using your cell phone to tell the time

I recently bought myself a new watch. I don’t know about you but I keep my phone in my purse. If I don’t wear a watch I have to rummage in my purse for my phone before I can find out the time while wearing a watch is just a simple turn of the wrist. As you can imagine, being an organizer, time is very important to me so when I don’t know what time it is I am lost. Is wearing a watch going to save you tons of time, in the grand scheme of things probably not much, but if you are the unorganized sort and don’t know where your phone is at least a watch is attached to you.

Happy organizing!